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Lets talk about anger.

The thing about anger is that we use it to prevent us from feeling things that may be more painful or that leave us more vulnerable.

We have room in our life for a certain amount of things that we can't control or can't process, but that room is finite. I like to think of it as a gas canister. If we have a gas canister that is full with things that haven't been processed, then there is no room for the daily stuff that happens, the cannister becomes too pressurised, and it only takes 1 incident with a dog poo, or a cheeky kid, or a lazy colleague, etc. to cause an explosion. There is no way to prevent daily life sending us challenges, so we need to make room inside to accommodate them. Valuable space being taken up by bullying you experienced as a child, or a betrayal you had 10 years ago needs to be released. Maybe its a current relationship or job that is filling your canister, and you need to face some choices. So what can you do? Well, there are ways of releasing pressure from the canister. Some healthy, like exercise, and some unhealthy, like alcohol, but these methods can only offer temporary relief. To really begin to make room we need to process those things out of our canister, and we do that by talking to someone who cares and can hold our pain and not cause us to experience shame when we show our vulnerability.

Jo x

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