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Wrestle your demons, so your angels can sing

At the start of my training, many years ago, I found this quote by August Wilson . For me, it summed up the realisation I was having that the more time I spent exploring all the parts of me that I had been hiding from, the more I accepted myself as I really am. In turn, the more honest I could be with myself about my 'failings' the stronger, and the more energised I became. This led to me being more authentic in the world and then the most unexpected thing happened. I started to like myself. I will be forever grateful to have been able to have the time and space to do this work on myself, to have been supported through it by great friends and teachers. I am even more grateful now that I get the opportunity to share the same experience with others; as they take their own steps toward self understanding. My advice to them all is not to keep parts of you in the shadows. Bring it into the open, show it love, understanding, and have self-compassion. Today I still return to this quote when old habits of negativity set in or I start to listen to those dark critical voices. Then I illuminate and forgive and listen for my angels.

Jo X

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